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Women's Day: BeatO Urges Women To Put Themselves First And Prioritise Their Health

Ritu Agarwal realised the value of caring for herself and prioritising her health after a worrying diabetes diagnosis.

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The value of women in our society is undisputable. Their ability to nurture and care for people and environments, so much so, that they’ll often neglect themselves, is a huge indicator of their selfless and altruistic nature. However, it is vital for women to understand that in order to be there for others, they need to prioritise themselves and their health first. Ritu Agarwal from Gwalior reflects on her journey towards understanding this, recounting how her life revolved around her son and she often ignored her own health and needs. When she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, her doctor made it clear that she had to spend some more time on herself, monitoring her blood sugar levels regularly and adopting habits for a healthier lifestyle. This was facilitated for her with the BeatO App, which helped Ritu easily keep track of her diet and blood-sugar levels, and put her health first. Additionally, her family made it clear that she needed to prioritise herself as much as she prioritised the people around her, helping her understand her worth. As Ritu began to understand the importance of caring for herself and allocating time towards her well-being, she began her cycling journey, which brought about immense benefits to her health and mindset. Despite the diabetes diagnosis being a worrying one, it pushed Ritu to realise her own value within her family, and, understanding that a woman’s role is irreplaceable, pushed her to prioritise her own well-being the way she did for others.

This Women’s Day, BeatO urges women to put themselves first, and look after themselves and their health the way they do for the people around them.

About BeatO:

BeatO is a digital app-based platform that provides clinically proven, comprehensive diabetes care programs to help prevent, control and even reverse the condition under the guidance of experts. The results of these programs have been published in top medical institutions such as the American Diabetes Association, APCON and AATD. This diabetes care ecosystem includes BeatO's innovative and cost-effective smartphone, connected glucometers that work in unison with the BeatO app to support end-to-end management for members.

This smart health management system is powered by AI, providing personalised insights and real-time data-driven care via its experienced team of diabetes care coaches, expert nutritionists and specialist doctors. The BeatO app ecosystem also provides a complete solution for all daily needs of a person, ranging from scheduling medication deliveries and lab tests to purchasing affordable insurance and specially curated foods and beverages.

Image: Republic TV

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