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Will Vince McMahon Return To WWE After Investigation Into Alleged Misconduct Came To Halt?

WWE's investigation of Vince McMahon's alleged misconduct against former female WWE employees has reportedly come to an end. Know if he will return to WWE.

Vince McMahon


Former WWE boss Vince McMahon announced his retirement as WWE’s Chairman and CEO on July 2022, weeks after media reports revealed his involvement in the USD 20 million+ hush money settlement with former female employees of WWE. A WWE internal board investigated the alleged sexual misconduct and also a USD 20 million hush money settlement. McMahon was then replaced by his daughter Stephaine McMahon and Nick Khan as the Co-CEOs, while former WWE superstar Triple H took over the Chief Content Officer role. 

However, as reported by Comicbook, during its quarterly investors' conference call on Wednesday, WWE confirmed that the internal board’s investigation is officially over. In a press release about the same, WWE said, “As previously announced, a Special Committee of independent members of the Board of Directors was formed to investigate alleged misconduct by Vincent K. McMahon, the Company's former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, who resigned from all positions held with the Company on July 22, 2022 but remains a stockholder with a controlling interest, and another executive, who is also no longer with the Company”.

The statement also revealed that the Special Committee that investigated McMahon has been disbanded. “Management is working with the Board to implement the recommendations of the Special Committee related to the investigation. For the three and nine-month periods ended September 30, 2022, the Company's consolidated pre-tax results include the impact of $17.7 million and $19.4 million, respectively, associated with certain costs related to the investigation,” the statement further read. 

Will Vince McMahon make a return and assume his previous roles in WWE?

With the investigation now complete, the WWE universe would be wondering if McMahon will return to WWE and assume his previous roles. However, as per Fightful Select’s Sean Ross Sapp, fans shouldn't be hoping for that. Sapp revealed that a WWE spokesperson said McMahon is done with WWE.  

"Beyond that, another WWE higher-up said that the morale in WWE over the last few months has been the highest they've seen it in over a decade that they've been around,” Sapp wrote. He also added that WWE would feel McMahon’s return as a major step back for the company. It is pertinent to mention that the WWE universe is much happy since Triple H has taken over the company.