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Vinculum Group Is Helping E-commerce Brands Grow & Paving Way A Self-reliant India

By channeling the power of technology to cater to the ever-changing consumer behavior, Vinculum Group is helping brands grow & making India Atmanirbhar.


VoiceWhat presents 'Self-Reliant India Brands and Leaders' in association with Republic Media Network is a series that showcases inspiring Indian brands paving India's way to becoming a self-reliant superpower. The series encapsulates stories of brands that continually innovate to improve efficiency, quality & increase self-sufficiency in the Indian market. This episode highlights the journey of a resilient Indian brand Vinculum group.

Established in 2007, Vinculum Group is a global software company that enables Omnichannel retailing solutions. It provides a full-stack omnichannel SaaS software that helps brands and retailers sell across sales channels, fulfil orders from any location, and scale their business effortlessly. The group has been expanding at a rapid pace with a proud portfolio of 1000+ brands globally. Vinculum is a brand committed to transforming the Indian e-commerce space. Representing the company was Venkat Nott, Founder & CEO, Vinculum Group.

"Vinculum as a name is very special as there are multiple meanings. It refers to long-term relationships, which is the fundamental ethos of the company. Secondly, it also refers to a bunch of algebraic parentheses like square roots, recurring decimals, etc. We just wanted to say we understand the science behind e-commerce & omnichannel." says Venkat Nott, Founder & CEO, Vinculum Group

The entire episode was an insightful discussion that delved deep into the brand journey of Vinculum Group & how the pandemic has accelerated the growth of omnichannel retailing in India. By channelling the power of technology to cater to the ever-changing consumer behaviour, Vinculum Group is indeed helping brands grow & leading India to become a self-reliant super nation. 

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