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Traveling Made Safe By Ola In The Times Of COVID-19

Here’s the story of an Ola driver, Hiralal, based in Jaipur on how the company has been helping him get through these difficult times.

The COVID -19 pandemic spread has raised a growing concern of traveling within the city, especially for those who don't own a private vehicle. Using public transport as a means of commuting comes with a risk of contracting this virus. However, private cab companies like Ola have undertaken various safety and precautionary measures to prevent their passengers and drivers from contracting the COVID-19 virus. Here is the Ola Story of driver-partner Hiralal Yogi based in Jaipur and has been working with Ola for the past 3 years. 

Hiralal says that due to the lockdown, many taxi drivers have been suffering from various financial problems, but he is extremely grateful to Ola for providing them with groceries and other essential items as well as financial aid during the lockdown which proved to be of great help to him and his family to sustain throughout these tough times. He further adds that he hopes and prays that the company keeps up the good work that they have been doing for their employees.

These are truly tough times for many people throughout the country. But companies like Ola are the ones that have indeed strived towards making a change in society. 

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