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The Amrita School Of Business Emphasises The Value Of EQ In Career Advancement

In this episode of House of Knowledge, the panel talks about how important emotional intelligence and people skills are in the modern managerial world.

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When it comes to academia, there is an evident focus on knowledge acquisition, memorisation capabilities, and other technical skills. However, it is undeniable that as the world and job spheres evolve, these technical skills no longer guarantee fruitful careers. The new, up-and-coming needs of job markets in every industry are becoming more evident, and therefore, universities are putting more emphasis on understanding what they are and implementing them into the syllabi. When it comes to business, it is arguably one of the fastest-changing careers, as it is embedded into every industry in some way or another and constantly has to adapt to societal shifts. Republic Media Network has partnered with Amrita School of Business to bring you House of Knowledge, a campaign which puts four of Amrita Business Schools' campuses under the spotlight to highlight the way in which the university is preparing their students for the modern managerial world. In this episode, the distinguished panel discusses the vitality of "soft skills," which include people skills, empathy, leadership skills, etc., and highlights how these skills have helped them in their own careers and lives. The panel this week comprises Dr. Rajiv Prasad, Principal, Amrita School of Business Kochi, Sobha Viswanath, Alumni and Social Entrepreneur, Amrita School of Business, Sarabjeet Sachar, Founder and CEO, Aspiration Jobs, and Manish Raj Sharma, Life Coach, MRS Training Services.

The panellists draw from their personal experiences as they discuss topics like how to develop people skills as an introvert, what emotional skills have been the most vital to their careers, what characteristics are present in good leaders, and more.

"The soft skill that has been the most vital to my career is empathy. As a social entrepreneur, I should be able to understand, create, and deliver. That is one of the things that I learnt during my time at Amrita, from the syllabus as well as the faculty. "

-Sobha Viswanath, Alumni and Social Entrepreneur, Amrita School of Business.

They were united by the fact that good leaders make good leaders, and understanding how to manage a team and bring out their best is one of the most important keys to succeeding in a managerial role, as you are not evaluated on your work, but on your team’s performance. Additionally, the importance of negotiation and creating win-win situations for both parties, not only from a business perspective but as a life skill, was also highlighted. Throughout the episode, Dr. Rajiv Prasad brings up measures that the Amrita School of Business in Kochi has taken to address all these aspects, providing a great example of the path that B-schools should follow to best prepare their students for the world.

Image: Republic World

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