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Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards | The Celebration Of Achievement

The Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards celebrates achievers from all walks of life

The Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards, a celebration by Beam Suntory India and Republic Media Network pays tribute to the achievers who have taken the roads that are seldom walked on and the individuals who chase their dreams.

“The Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards celebrates the spirit of achievement, the zeal of Indians who have refused to tread the beaten path and who dared to be different. The Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards recognizes those who have made a mark for themselves in diverse fields by being the outliers, by overcoming odds and daring to dream.” - Arnab Goswami

The toughest part of organizing an award is to choose the winners. The Golden Thistle Awards follows a stringent process that shortlists the individual based on criteria laid by the process advisor for awards, the PwC. The nominees are then evaluated and rated by the eminent jury members. The Golden Thistle jury consisted of individuals who are widely known and respected in their respective fields. The uncompromising spirit is what makes the Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards, the most transparent and credible awards in India.

The esteemed jury includes Anil Kapoor (Actor), D. Shivakumar (Group Executive President, Aditya Birla Group), Farrokh Khambhata (Founder and CEO, Catering & Allied), Geeta Chandran (Dancer, Choreographer, Founder and President of NatyaVriksha), Harbhajan Singh (Indian Cricketer), Krishnamachari Srikkant (Former Captain, Indian Cricket Team), Manjit Singh Gill (Corporate Chef, ITC Hotels), Neeraj Kumar (Managing Director, India at Beam Suntory), Nimesh Shah (Managing Director, CEO, ICICI Prudential AMC) and Sabbas Joseph (Founder and Director, Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.).

The Teacher’s Golden Thistle Award for the Sports and Culture (Culinary) category was won by renowned snooker player, Pankaj Advani and Chef Mehrotra respectively.

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