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Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards | Celebrating Genuine And Rare

Here's what the winners of the Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards had to say

The Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards, an effort taken by Beam Suntory India and Republic Media Network is to lauds the finest minds in the country who have been risk takers and overcome every possible obstacle to pioneer the fields they are passionate about. It commemorates individuals who refuse to give in to the majority and take the roads that are seldom taken. These are individuals who believe that taking a risk is just another way of life.

Actor Jim Sarbh, who is known for his brilliant acting skills in films like Neerja, Padmaavat, The Wedding Guest and more. He has also managed to turn heads with his unique style.

Veteran investment banker, Hemendra Kothari, was awarded the Forever Genuine Lifetime Achievement Award for his ingenuity and visionary leadership.

“Awards for me is the responsibility to be more genuine in the future and to see to it that one shares his knowledge and experience, intelligence and wisdom with the younger generation.” - Subhash Ghai, veteran filmmaker.

“I think genuine is the normal situation. Sometimes, you just have to know, how to read it or you have to believe that this is the way the person is expressing their genuine self, even if you don’t understand completely.” - Jim Sarbh, actor.

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