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Take Charge Of Your Health And Beat Diabetes With BeatO

Rajiv Shanker took quick and effective action after a worrying diagnosis, improving his lifestyle significantly.


As the pandemic unfolded, COVID-19 became people’s central thought when health-related concerns arose. As a result, illnesses such as diabetes took a backseat, despite them being as common and dangerous as ever. Rajiv Shanker tested positive for COVID-19 in April 2021. Months of dizziness followed, which was immediately attributed to that. However, after a trip to the hospital to get a concrete explanation, Rajiv found out that his blood sugar levels were at 306 mg/dL, and his cholesterol levels were high.

Kajal Shanker, his wife, recalls not knowing how to deal with the diagnosis when Rajiv stumbled across the BeatO app on social media. The app provided him with easy-access regular monitoring and tracking of his blood sugar levels, and eventually he was able to bring his blood sugar down to 126 mg/dL.

Simultaneously, he got his cholesterol under control and lost 7 kg weight. Despite the intimidating lifestyle change that diabetes threatens, BeatO helped Rajiv get his health back under control to ensure he didn’t suffer any long-term damage.

With awareness, medical expertise, and regular tracking, this country can beat diabetes, which is why Republic Media Network has partnered with BeatO to bring you the "India Beats Diabetes" campaign. By giving the nation accessible tools to manage their health, we can ensure an overall improvement in the lifestyles of people in the country.

About BeatO:

BeatO is a digital app-based platform that provides clinically proven, comprehensive diabetes care programs to help prevent, control and even reverse the condition under the guidance of experts. The results of these programs have been published in top medical institutions such as the American Diabetes Association, APCON and AATD. This diabetes care ecosystem includes BeatO's innovative and cost-effective smartphone, connected glucometers that work in unison with the BeatO app to support end-to-end management for members.

This smart health management system is powered by AI, providing personalized insights and real-time data-driven care via its experienced team of diabetes care coaches, expert nutritionists and specialist doctors. The BeatO app ecosystem also provides a complete solution for all daily needs of a person, ranging from scheduling medication deliveries and lab tests to purchasing affordable insurance and specially curated foods and beverages.

Take charge of your health and try BeatO.

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