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Signia Revolutionising The Scene For Hearing Aids Across The Nation

With a range of holistic initiatives and a variety of products & services to suit every customer’s needs, Signia is leading in their industry.

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Hearing impairment is amongst the most ignored problems in the world, with most people taking around seven years to accept and resolve the issue. In addition to the lack of awareness, there is a stigma around the issue of hearing impairments, making the market for hearing aids a difficult one to penetrate. However, Signia is providing a great example of how to address the topic, having implemented a range of initiatives aimed at targeting different facets of the lack of usage of hearing aids. The aims of the initiatives range from raising awareness to providing enough product diversity to suit every individual’s particular needs. Republic Media Network has partnered with Signia to present ‘Dil Se Suno’, an initiative to raise awareness and show India the benefits and ease with which hearing impairments can be solved.

This episode dives into a few of Signia’s most notable initiatives, looks at the manufacturing process of the product and technology, and gives an insight into what the future looks like for the company and the market. Featuring guests like Avinash Pawar, CEO, Sivantos India, Piyush Jain, CEO & MD, India, and Mohan Swamy, Head of Audiology and Marketing, Sivantos India, the episode, through the voices of experts in the field, helps us understand the issues surrounding hearing aids and the best ways to tackle them.

Since the start of Signia, they’ve been pioneering the path to increasing the popularity and accessibility of hearing aids in the Indian market. However, very soon they learnt that there were various core issues that needed to be addressed before their products reached a wide consumer base. Amongst these issues is the lack of audiologists in the country. Therefore, Signia started the Signia Entrepreneurship Program, an initiative aimed at supporting audiology students who want to open their own centres in their hometowns. The episode features Sasanka Pani, an audiologist from Kolkata who took part in the program, as he highlights the support provided to him by Signia. Through the program, not only did Signia provide countless potential audiologists with their own centers, but by increasing the number of audiology centres in the nation, they indirectly raised awareness for their cause. Additionally, partnering with the centres allows them to get their products into the hands of more consumers, drastically improving people’s lifestyles. Other initiatives and measures discussed in the episode include the Brilliant Sound Galaxy Facility, the after-sale services and insurance they provide, their collaboration with, and more – all of which are revolutionising the market for hearing aids in India. With their wide range of products, innovative technology, and unmatched customer service, Signia is providing a great example of how companies should overcome obstacles and inspire positive change in their industries.


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