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Shyam Steel Sets Foundations For India’s Infrastructure To Become Self-reliant

In this episode of VoiceWhat, the Kolkata-based manufacturer Shyam Steel talks about its journey, its growth, and its CRS initiatives.

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Since its founding in the 1950s, Shyam Steel has experienced exemplary growth, not only within the steel industry but also in its ventures into other fields, its product range, its CRS initiatives and so many other revolving aspects. With the aim of pushing India towards producing and supplying the highest quality steel by global standards, Shyam Steel has been a model company in terms of how it has made the vision of a more self-reliant India, become a reality.

VoiceWhat is an initiative by Republic Media Network which places spotlight on resilient Indian brands which are paving the way for India to become self-reliant, and this episode features Gourav Beriwal, Vice President of Strategy at Shyam Steel Industries Limited, as he talks about the philosophy which fuels a successful brand like Shyam Steel and discusses some of their initiatives and ventures.

After independence, India was heavily reliant on imports for steel, which is one of the most vital materials for the foundations of infrastructure. As the young nation began building itself up, Shyam Steel was founded with the idea of making India less reliant on imports for this valuable good and providing high-quality steel to the global market.

Shyam Steel raised awareness about the value of investing in high-quality steel, emphasising that other facets of a building could always be changed, but the foundations needed to be the most long-lasting.

In the episode, Gourav Beriwal talks about their Flexi Strong TMT ReBar and the thought and ideation behind the product and its campaigns. In addition to that, he speaks about how Shyam Steel has expanded their product range to cover some of India’s other building needs, such as Sturdflex, to help waterproof infrastructure.

Moreover, Mr. Beriwal talked about the initiatives Shyam Steel has taken, which support the valuable characteristics of their brand: trust and employee care. Alongside that, Shyam Steel has made a true positive impact since the pandemic with their involvement in relief work, initiatives like Flexistrong talks and their virtual Family Funfests. Moving firsthand testimonials by people whose lives have been impacted are also featured on the episode.

This VoiceWhat episode takes a deep dive into Shyam Steels' image and brand, and what measures they have taken to make sure those brand ideologies are a part of their initiatives and campaigns, illustrating how Shyam Steel is setting an example for independent Indian brands on how to be responsible pioneers.

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