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Self-reliant Indian Brands And Leaders Delve Into Success Of Winni & TTK Prestige

This episode highlights the factors that led to Winni and TTK Prestige setting the benchmarks for their respective industry standards

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With government initiatives like Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, the current government's agenda to make India a self-reliant superpower is evident. Local consumption is being promoted, making space for already established local companies to expand and for new ones to arise. VoiceWhat presents Self-Reliant India Brands and Leaders in association with Republic Media Network, an initiative that dives deep into innovative brands which are paving the path for India’s economy to continuously grow while becoming increasingly self-dependent.

This week’s episode, with anchor Rohan Richard, explores the stories of India’s third biggest & fastest growing online gifting platform, Winni, and TTK Prestige, two local companies at the forefront of their respective industries, revolutionizing India’s economy through their approach.

The first segment of the show focuses on Winni, an online gifting platform & bakery retail chain that stands out due to its wide range of gift options, their integration of the newest technology to enhance the service, and their commitment to having gifts at the recipient’s doorstep within two hours. Featuring Sujeet KR Mishra, Co-Founder, and CEO, and Abhishek Sharma, Co-Founder, and CTO of the company, the episode walks us through the story of the company, their journey toward becoming the 3rd largest gifting player in the industry and entering the retail market, and their future growth plans. Amid a pandemic, Winni has ensured that people can still spread love and keep celebrations vibrant from afar, uplifting spirits through their well-executed work.

“It has been a very exhilarating journey. We have grown more than 100% every year for the last five years, and we have plans to grow more and become global in the future.” - Sujeet KR Mishra, Co-Founder and CEO, Winni.

The second segment looks at TTK Prestige, a homegrown company focusing on kitchen solutions, now branching out into home cleaning. The Managing Director, Chandru Karlo, speaks about the factors that pushed the company to become the largest in the industry, with an admirably loyal customer base and so many paths to growth. Their focus on research to constantly modify and innovate their products, the wide range of products they provide, and the company’s understanding of how to balance a product's convenience and aesthetics, has resulted in the company setting the benchmark for industry standards. Additionally, its pioneering spirit has resulted in TTK Prestige dipping into various new projects and expansions, including their specialty chain store, Prestige Xclusive, and their expansion into the home cleaning industry.

VoiceWhat aims to bring attention to local, resilient companies who are having a large impact on India’s journey to self-reliance, and this episode showcases two companies leading and revolutionizing their industries. Showcasing the power of Indian homegrown companies.

With their innovation, ambition, and influence, Winni and TTK Prestige are great examples of companies that are pushing India’s economy to evolve into a self-reliant superpower.

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