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Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Republic Reports On DPR Evacuation After 2-day Shelling By Ukraine

With the pro-Russian DPR provoking retaliation by Kiev's forces, Republic TV's Patrik Lancaster has been reporting the ground reality of the war zone in Ukraine


Following two days of incessant weaponry shelling at the Ukraine-Russia border, reports on Saturday stated that officials of self-proclaimed quasi-state Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) have called for military mobilisation in view of potential threat to aggression and use of force. With the anti-Ukraine DPR provoking retaliation by Kiev's forces, Republic TV's Patrik Lancaster has been reporting the ground reality of the war zone, minutes away from the Ukrainian military station. 

Lancaster, reporting from Lenin Square at Donetsk, stated that people are being evacuated owing to the fear of further escalation. On Friday, the officials of DPR started transporting its residents and citizens to Russia while Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council Alexey Danilov has negated any intention of Kiev to attack DPR or the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR).

Amid fear of invasion, pro-Russian DPR evacuates its residents to Russia

Reporting from the vehicle carrying evacuees from DPR, Lancaster mentioned that the government has ordered that women, children and the elderly should be taken away on priority.

"They are evacuating these people (DPR residents/citizens) from breakaway areas, the anti-Ukraine region to Russia after two days of intensified shelling," reported Lancaster.

While reports suggest that Putin has repeatedly clarified that Kremlin will not initiate a conquest of Ukraine, sources informed that Russia is 'waiting' for the people of DPR to arrive. Russia is waiting for the people of DPR to help them as refugees, Lancaster informed. 

'Stand up to Kiev's aggression', alerts DPR government

AP stated that a senior official of LPR has said that 25,000 people have already left for Russia while adding that authorities are in the process of conducting another set of the evacuation of 10,000 residents, including 100 children from two orphanages. On the other hand, emergency services in the DPR stated that more than 6,600 residents, including 2,400 children have been taken away as of the early hours of Saturday. 

In an exclusive coverage by Lancaster, he stated that he had been reporting the Ukraine-Russia conflict and stand-off for over eight years but recent developments are unprecedented. "This has never happened before, this is the point of no return," he said, speaking about the evacuees from DPR.

Notably, head of the pro-Russian government in the Donetsk region, Dennis Pushilin, released a video message on Saturday announcing full troop mobilisation and urging its officials to show up.

"I urge compatriots who are in the reserve (army) to come to military enlistment offices," Pushilin said while adding, "I call on all men in the republic capable of carrying arms to stand in defence of their families, their children, wives and mothers."

Further, DPR has asked its people to 'hold off Kiev's aggression', adding that DPR forces have been retaliating to shelling by Ukrainian forces. Similarly, LPR's Leonid Pasechnik has issued orders for mobilisation.

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