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Royal Enfield's Shubhranshu Singh Explains How Brands Create An Impact Through Communities

In this episode Shubhranshu Singh of Royal Enfield share his insights on how brands can create an impact through small communities & a robust CSR strategy.


"Social responsibility" is not a new term in business settings. The "Golden Rule" represents social responsibility as giving back to society from a business's abundance. By being socially responsible, a company confirms that it incorporates ethical practices in how it does business. Customers have become more aware of local, national, and global issues, and there is no denying that these issues considerably influence their buying decisions. Therefore, they are likely to buy more from companies that show their concerns and actions over issues that resonate significantly with the customers.  It is established that social responsibility is an excellent way for a company to strengthen its brand and reputation. According to business experts, a brand is a company's commitment. It describes what the company can deliver to its customers and what the customers can expect from its products and services. 

Today, several brands believe that navigating towards a substantially better future requires a balanced commitment to the long-term vision and strategic decision-making. In addition, CSR activities create Brand awareness among the consumers and lead to a positive Brand Image in the minds of potential consumers.  In this episode of 'The Blue Jays - Ingenious Marketers,' we try to understand how small communities & a robust CSR strategy can create an impact through the lens of a brand riding with glory for 120 years in the motorcycling business.  

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest motorcycling brands in the country. Since 1901, the company has built products that play an integral part in people's lives and have also been instrumental in creating a culture around riding. Ever since its conception, Royal Enfield is a brand that has been empowering communities for a better tomorrow. Representing Royal Enfield was Shubhranshu Singh, Global Head, Brand & Marketing, Royal Enfield. Mr. Singh is a marketing maverick with over two decades of global brand & category building experience on some of the most esteemed brands in the world. He has also been instrumental in encouraging path-breaking work has proven a rare ability to bring together the world of culture mainstream, story-telling & technology rather effectively. 

"Royal Enfield is a motorcycling brand & business. It's not a motorcycle business alone, and motorcycling as we define it means exploration, like recreational motorcycling — the good old way of riding a motorcycle to discover the world around you and when you are in that flow & completely one with the machine, naturally the terrain you ride on, the motorcycle & the rider become one. Therefore it's the highest level to which a rider reaches in terms of sublimation." says Shubhranshu Singh, Global Head, Brand & Marketing, Royal Enfield. 

Royal Enfield is a brand with a rich history & long-term association with the Indian Army since 1950. The brand prides itself on being of service to the Indian Armed Forces and is associated with resilience, toughness, commitment & heritage by its consumers. It has also been a catalyst in advocating change. Its CSR initiative, #LeaveEveryPlaceBetter aims to create social awareness not just among the rider community but also within society. The entire episode was an insightful discussion on how brands like Royal Enfield are leading with purpose. 

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