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Republic And Mountain Dew Celebrate Corona Warriors Across India

Republic Media Network and Mountain Dew salute the ones who are marching ahead and fighting the pandemic everyday.

Republic Media Network has joined hands with Mountain Dew to commemorate the tireless efforts of the common citizens of India. These COVID warriors are not frontline workers; they are the brave hearts who come from varying backgrounds, professions, age, and work tirelessly to ensure that the people around them are safe and secure. The campaign’s core lies in the inspirational stories of individuals who have kept humanity first to help those in need.

Music is an integral part of celebration, across the world. In every country, culture or tradition, music plays a role in bringing together the spirits of humanity. Even in these trying times, when the world fights a hazardous pandemic, the sound of music is helping us in celebrating these individuals. Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai, the Mountain Dew anthem is composed by Akshay Raheja and IP Singh. The anthem is sung by Jasleen Royal. Through this anthem, we celebrate the stories of Gurdev Kaur, Kifayat Hussain, Lalitha Kumari and Akshay Kothawale, who hail from different walks of life, and are helping in many ways to help India, deal with COVID-19.

Age has seldom been a reason in putting out the spirits of the ones who have taken up a cause for humanity. 98-year old Gurdev Kaur has been using her time to stitch cloth masks at her house for needy people. The nonagenarian is working on these masks, despite her low vision. She makes over 200 masks every day, which are then distributed among vegetable sellers, poor labourers and needy people.

To ensure that his students’ preparations for exams are not hindered, Leh’s Kifayat Hussain, a COVID positive teacher is taking online classes. While his stay in the isolation ward, he has been taking ZOOM for his students who are in Classes 9 and 10.
Women’s groups, like the ones headed by Lalitha Kumari, have been actively involved in spreading awareness among community members on the spread of the pandemic and necessary precautions to be taken. Lalitha has been helping in taking care of over 4500 urban slum families. She has been providing additional support such as prevention awareness and counselling.

Akshay Kothawale, a 30-year old autorickshaw driver has been in the headlines for his Good Samaritan act of distributing ration kits to stranded migrant labourers. With the help of his patrons, Kothawale managed to distribute kits to 300 people. He used the money saved for his marriage to feed the poor. In the initial stages of his movements, he received a huge amount of monetary support, which helped him in feeding more people.

Republic Media Network and Mountain Dew are proud to present the stories of these heroes who have not allowed any obstacle come in the way of their community service. At a time like this, bringing up the spirits of people can also go a long way in maintaining a healthy and happy society.


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