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Renault Twizzy : Future Of Urban Mobility

Watch to know Adil Darukhanawala’s experience of the Renault Twizzy Test Drive at the Auto Expo 2020

The 15th edition of the Auto Expo stood witness to a plethora of launches and unveilings by a variety of brands. Among the host of cars exhibited at the Expo for the motor-enthusiasts. Renault along with several other attractions revealed the Renault Twizzy.  

Renault Twizzy remained a show-stealer as the company provided free test drives to individuals at the Auto Expo 2020. The Twizzy is an eye-catching yet compact electric vehicle with only two seats. The car is set to change the definitions of personal mobility. In terms of speed and battery longevity, Twizzy comes with a range of user-friendly in-built technology.  



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