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Real Estate Developer Amit Gupta Shares His Experience With DC2's Designs

Real Estate Developer Amit Gupta shares his experience with DC2 designs.


India is one of the largest automobile markets in the world, and has been growing at an accelerated pace. With a growing economy, India has become a huge attraction for many car manufacturers around the world. Automotive design is an integral process which deals with the appearance and design of automobiles, both exterior and interior. Auto designers take into account comfort, appearance, as well as performance.

Dilip Chhabria is one of the most acclaimed & well-known names in the automobile industry. His unique taste in designing spacious & elegant cars is reflected in his brand DC2 designs. 'DC 2- What Drives You' is a special campaign that celebrates the relentless passion & determination of auto-designer Dilip Chhabria. The campaign shows the brand DC's dedication towards the skill of car making and luxurious car designs to provide customers with the best-in-class luxury. It also focuses on the reliability & transparent philosophy of DC Designs. Real Estate Developer Amit Gupta, speaks about his experience with DC2 Designs & Dilip Chhabria's incredible design & outstanding service.

"I think DC is the only person who provides customization according to international standards. I wanted the car to maintain its rawness with a touch of luxury like adding a panoramic sunroof. I was completely in awe of the car, it's like a masterpiece that he created. As the name suggests, he created a Hulk," says Amit Gupta, Real Estate Developer

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