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Read India Celebration 2021 Pushes Young Indians To Read, Think Independently & Act

The entire episode highlighted the importance of encouraging reading & independent thinking among students to help them gain knowledge & become changemakers

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Reading is an essential habit that every individual needs to develop in the course of life. It exposes individuals to new ideas, philosophies & gives one a unique imagination & creativity that helps one think beyond horizons. Ancient Greek philosophers like Aristotle, Socrates & Plato have all advocated reading to be indispensable for societies to progress & develop. Well known people like Barack Obama, Bill Gates & Malala Yousafzai believe that reading helps develop the knowledge, habits, and talents needed to transform societies. Reading can improve one's intelligence and lead to innovation and detailed insight on several topics - that is well known. 

Leading Self and Republic Media Network proudly presents 'Read India Celebration 2021 International', a unique book reading & leadership initiative that aims to spark independent thinking in the minds of young Indians. The first episode of the series featured several renowned names from across industries & genres like Ruskin Bond, Sudha Murty, Cricketer Harbhajan Singh & many more. The episode also highlighted the testimonials of Read India Celebration 2020 winners on how the initiative has helped them grow as individuals & bring change to society. Hosted by Raghuram Ananthoj, the episode also had an esteemed guest panel that consisted of academicians like Dr.B.Singh, Counselor & Qualified Trainer, CBSE. Shaheen Mistri, Founder & CEO, Teach for India. Kasturi Chatterjee, Principal, Gitanjali Devashray. Dr. Pradeep Ramancharla, Chief Mentor, Read India Celebration. 

" I think everything our kids learn needs to have meaning & purpose, and I believe there is a beautiful way to integrate traditional high rigor academics with real-life learning. One of my favorite examples is a high school I visited where the entire year's curriculum was building an actual three-bedroom house, and the students were learning all of their concepts & values through building houses," says Shaheen Mistri, Founder & CEO, Teach for India. 

The Read India Celebration 2021 initiative focuses on three main aspects - Read, Think & Act. Dr. Pradeep Ramancharla, Chief Mentor, Read India Celebration, shared his insight on how the initiative empowers students to pursue reading as a habit that helps them develop an unconventional thought process, diverse opinions & become future leaders.

" First of all, this entire celebration is about reading & thus encourages students to read a wide variety of books of their interest. When students read & gain knowledge, they have the power to think & find logical conclusions," says Dr. Pradeep Ramancharla, Chief Mentor, Read India Celebration.

Here's how students can participate: 

  • Register at
  • Read a book/ research on the proposed topic 
  • Submit a one-page summary on the book or research along with an innovative idea to resolve any issue of their choice & a 1 to 2 min video on Read India Celebration experience
  • The last day for students to register is 15th August 2021 & the last day for students to submit their work is 30th August 2021.

When students adopt a knowledge-based culture, read books, read themselves, think independently & act, they change themselves & eventually transform the nation. Join Read India Celebration International 2021 & be the change you wish to see. To know more visit, 

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