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Read India Celebration 2021 International Is Aimed At Creating Future Pioneers

This episode of "Read India Celebration 2021 International" delves deep to understand how reading non-academic books can foster independent thinking


Reading is vital to human development because it introduces people to the ideas, beliefs, and practices of some of the world's finest minds. Several business leaders argue that extensive, in-depth reading helps create the knowledge, habits, and skills required to improve their organizations. According to studies, reading can boost intellect and contribute to innovation and insight. Reading offers several advantages, ranging from improved mental health to improved physical health to the development of healthy habits. 

Leading Self in association with Republic Media Network presents "Read India Celebration 2021 International," an exclusive book reading and leadership initiative aimed at fostering independent thinking in young Indian minds. The Read India Celebration  campaign is built on three key concepts: Read, Think, and Act. The initiative is committed to empowering 100 crore readers by the year 2025. The campaign has garnered 3.3 lakh participants from across 29 states and 1000+ schools. The campaign had 22 finalists who celebrated the joy of reading and independent thinking. This episode of "Read India Celebration 2021 International" tracks the progress of the campaign and delves deep to understand why emphasizing on reading non-academic books is important to young Indian minds. The episode had an esteemed guest panel with academians like Raghuram Ananthoj, Founder, Read India Celebration; and Kalyani Chary, Rector, Johnson Grammar School. The episode also features this year's winners from across 4 categories.

"We want students to understand what reading something new means. When they Read, Think and Act, that's when they understand what success means and how learning happens. Knowledge is the essence of life, and independent thinking is the means by which that knowledge is put into action.” says Raghuram Ananthoj, Founder, Read India Celebration

The entire episode was an insighful discussion that emphasized how reading non-academic books can empower young Indian minds to become independent thinkers & innovators. There is a well-established link between reading, leadership, and success that exists all throughout the world. The Read India Celebration Initiative is witnessing rapid growth and is aimed at creating potential young pioneers. 

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