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Read India Celebration 2021 International Aims At Enabling 100 Crores Readers Across India

Read India Celebration 2021 International is an initiative that aims at empowering students from across the country to Read, Think & Act independently.


Reading is important because it enables us to expand our thinking, offers us endless knowledge and lessons, and keeps our minds engaged. Books, unlike anything else on the planet, have the ability to store and sustain all forms of knowledge, narratives, thoughts, and sentiments. The importance of books in helping us learn and understand things cannot be emphasized enough. Reading has several benefits, ranging from enhanced mental health to increased physical health to the formation of healthy habits. Therefore, it's no wonder that books and reading are at the top of the list of personal delights.

Leading Self and Republic Media Network present "Read India Celebration 2021 International," a unique book reading and leadership program aimed at instilling independent thinking in the minds of young Indians. The Read India Celebration 2021 campaign is divided into three parts: Read, Think, and Act. In this episode of "Read India Celebration 2021 International," Founder Raghuram Ananthoj sheds light on how the movement has garnered the support of thousands of young Indians and Indophiles across the world. The episode also showcased the stories of several young Indians and notable personalities who emphasized the importance of reading in their lives, 

"Read India Celebration is an initiative to enhance the practical reading and problem-solving skills of students. We do this by focusing on 3 aspects: - Read, Think & Act. The journey of 'Read India Celebration' started in 2015 with 1 lakh registrations from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Today, RIC 2021 received 3.3 lakh registrations from across the country. The initiative also received registrations from countries like Oman, Qatar, the UAE, and the USA. The vision of RIC is to make India a knowledge-based culture. " says Raghuram Ananthoj, Founder Read India Celebrations

Read India Celebration has made it its mission to enable 100 crore readers in India by 2025. The initiative is all about celebrating the benefits of practical reading and independent thinking. Through reading, we can also create a society that can understand and adapt to the process of growth and success. 

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