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Read India Celebration 2021: A Unique Opportunity For Schools, Colleges To Engage Students

Read India Celebration 2021 aims to create Independent Thinkers by fostering non-academic reading in students across the country.


Leading Self & Republic Media Network proudly present the Read India Celebration 2021, a unique opportunity for Schools (5th to 12th grade) & Colleges (Degree & PG) to engage students in a transformative non-academic reading and leadership experience. RIC aims to create Independent Thinkers by fostering non-academic reading in students across the country.

The proposed themes for RIC International 2021 are:

  1. Road ahead for Humanity – Knowledge based Culture Vs Commerce Based Culture?
  2. Leadership Styles – Values Or Valuables; Greed Or Honesty; Service Or Grandeur
  3. Entrepreneurs Vs Job Seekers (Risk Vs Comfort?)
  4. Creativity Vs Knowledge Vs Logic
  5. Top priorities for state – Education, Health Care, Nature Care & Employment Creation?
  6. Merit Based Society Vs Group or People Controlled Society – Pros & Cons!!
  7. Beliefs Based Society Vs Independent Thinking Society – Merits & Demerits!!
  8. Technology for Evolution (choice) Vs Technology for Devolution (addiction & abuse)?
  9. Between Use and Abuse of Natural Resources – How to strike a balance?
  10. Corona – Crisis Vs Opportunity Vs Punishment?
  11. People in Policy – Courage (& the price to be paid) Vs Fear (& consequences)
  12. A Progressive Society – is it People or state driven?
  13. A cultural shift to nurture creativity – From being part of the problem (/silent) to being part of the solution (think & experiment solutions!)
  14. Leaders – How to draw the line between need & greed?
  15. Is there a need to introduce a global citizen element in the school education system keeping the local flavours?
  16. Indian Education Systems
  17. Global Education Systems
  18. The road to economic recovery for nations/world post Covid-19
  19. Fixing accountability on countries spreading pandemics / global unrest
  20. The need for stronger & accountable global bodies to deal with 21st century pandemics / global challenges
  21. Is there a need to add a course/subject on Emotional Intelligence as part of the curriculum for high school students globally?
  22. A student’s guide to Preparing for the Unknowns & Uncertainties in life!
  23. Is Knowledge the only thread which can keep the world united & harmonious in diversity?
  24. Why do Intelligence and Ignorance go together in the "I"? And why is it important to know where we operate from within (Intelligence or Ignorance?)?
  25. Are ignorant leaders the greatest threat to our planet?

Students can register by logging on to The last day for students to enroll is 30th July 2021. Once registered, students can read the nominated book or any book/research on the proposed topic. Each participant will then have to prepare a summary in not more than 1000 words and one innovative idea to solve any issue. Additionally, participants must prepare an approximately 2 mins video about the Read India Celebration experience.

To know more, log on to Join the Read India Celebration International 2021 & become a leader for tomorrow. 

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