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Ravi Santhanam Shares Insights On How Brands Can Lead With Purpose & Empower Communities

Ravi Santhanam of HDFC Bank speaks about how business & brands can lead with a purpose & make a social impact among communities for a better tomorrow.

Ravi Santhanam

Globalization has emerged as an element to ensure the economic and cultural growth of individuals. The increase in urbanization and the integration of the world economy has facilitated global interconnectedness. The ongoing COVID- 19 has redefined global healthcare systems and transformed global economies. There has been a paradigm shift in the way people conduct business leading to a new era of digital globalization. It brings about significant changes regarding how business is conducted across borders, the flow of economic benefits, and expanding participation. The growth of data and information related to digital globalization determines that global economic, financial, and social connections have increased through digital platforms. 

The pandemic has posed several challenges for businesses & overcoming these challenges demonstrates that businesses & brands can lead with purpose. They can play a more significant role with a meaningful objective. CSR initiatives have emerged as a tool for linking the priorities of business companies with those of the citizens & society. HDFC Bank's marketing campaigns are known for their social messages & received many accolades over decades. In this episode of 'The Blue Jays - Ingenious Marketers,' we delve deep & analyze the marketing trends of HDFC Bank, which has created a tremendous social impact. Representing HDFC Bank was Ravi Santhanam CMO, Head-Corporate Communications, Head-Liability Products & Managed Programs, HDFC Bank

" Our motto of 'We understand your world' has helped us in the last 25 years, from the time we started in 1996 to this pandemic year, by giving us the ability to understand what our consumers are looking for & how we can solve their problems. So, I think this is the bedrock of what we do as marketers & HDFC Bank has clearly positioned itself by making as its mile." says Ravi Santhanam CMO, Head-Corporate Communications, Head Liability Products & Managed Programs, HDFC Bank

The entire episode was an insightful decision on how brands can lead with a purpose & make a social impact among communities for a better tomorrow. The episode also highlighted a unique social-distancing campaign undertaken by HDFC Bank in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The safety grid campaign started by HDFC Bank reiterates social distancing among communities & is a campaign that stands apart from the rest.  

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