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Rakshakaran Heroes Protecting Families And The Environment

Gurugram's Mukesh Kumar says that it is important to plant trees and become Rakshakaran Heroes because it is just us who can save the future:

Tata AIA Life Insurance’s initiative, the Rakshakaran Hero addresses not just the gradual depletion of Earth’s green cover but also the lack of insurance penetration in the country. Under this initiative, Tata AIA Life Insurance plants a tree for every term policy sold. The consumer becomes a Rakshakaran Hero for his family, as he secures his family’s future and contributes to the protection of the environment.

Talking about his journey as a Rakshakaran Hero, Gurugram’s Mukesh Kumar says that it is important to plant trees because there is an increase in the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There is a rapid decrease in air quality due to pollution. He urges more people to plant more trees so that we can fight climate change and protect our future. It remains the duty of every individual to take an initiative for a better future.

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