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On Women's Day, Mitron Salutes All Women Content Creators Across Genres & Industries

This International Women's Day, short video app Mitron salutes women content creators from every genre for their unique & innovative videos'.

International Women's Day

Women have come a long way, shattering stereotypes & leaving their mark on the world. From being housewives to becoming global leaders, women today are seen at the forefront of change. This year's International Women's Day marks a significant milestone for all women worldwide, especially those who have been tirelessly contributing towards combating the COVID- 19 pandemic. The United Nations, this year, has chosen the theme of 'Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world' to mark the tremendous contribution of women to the field of science, technology, global politics & much more. This International Women's Day, short video app Mitron salutes all women content creators' efforts & has selected some of the most prominent women to be followed on the app. 

In keeping with the vision of 'Atmanirbhar Bharata,' Shivank Agarwal & Anish Khandelwal launched the homegrown app 'Mitron' in April 2020 to fill the void with informative & entertaining content for the Indian audience. Mitron is home to a diverse set of women content entrepreneurs who share opinions on finance, fitness, educational videos, and much more. With Mitron creators, one can learn and get a daily dose of entertainment. Many of them have charmed the audience and received a large fan following along with thousands of views, likes & shares on their videos. 

Here are some of the recommended content creators: 

Jyoti Shukla 


Jyoti Shukla is a political science enthusiast who is involved in spreading awareness about various topics. She covers several issues under this umbrella.


Priti Sharma


When the COVID-19 pandemic brought the entire world to a standstill, many of us turned to social media & short video apps like MITRON for mere entertainment. Priti Sharma is a content creator who entertains her audience with light-hearted videos and humorous content.


Neha Nagar


Neha Nagar is a financial enthusiast who is simplifying the complex world of finance. She shares information on several topics like taxation, mutual fund investments, and much more. 


Ankita More


Ankita More is a news enthusiast who shares daily news analysis with her audience. From business to entertainment, she ensures to share the top happening for the day.


Kavita Pant


Kavita Pant is a yoga & fitness enthusiast. Her videos focus on yoga asanas & fitness workouts that help audiences maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through her channel, Kavita aims at promoting holistic well-being among her audience.


Riti Boochra


Riti Boochra is a content creator who educates her audience on the English language. Her videos focus on English vocabulary and tips to conversate with confidence in English. Through her videos, Riti aims at simplifying the English language for her audience.

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