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Novo Nordisk: A 100-year-old Legacy Treating Diabetes In The Pharmaceutical Sector

The second episode of India's Finest Workplaces - Season 2 showcases a global pharma-value chain that has century old legacy in treating diabetes & haemophilia.

Republic TV along with GM Online Media has released the second episode of the Second Season of India's Finest Workplaces. The show presents some of the most exceptional organizations within the country with a focus on their work environments and practices adopted by them to create a better work culture.

This episode features a pharma giant with a 100-year-old legacy. Novo Nordisk has always been a company at the forefront for fighting diseases like diabetes and haemophilia. Their innovations and technological advancement in the treatment of diabetes and haemophilia is one of the factors that set them apart.

"Patient-centric means keeping the patient's needs in mind as well as in your heart. So, right from the Research & Development to the commercial implementation of the plans as well as of the medication, we try to see how can we make a difference for the patient in terms of his or her life and the quality of control that our patients can achieve," -  Vikrant Shirotriya, MD & Corporate VP, Novo Nordisk.

Novo Nordisk has been in India for the last 30 years and initially started with a team of 9 members. It eventually grew and today, consists of 1500 members. Novo Nordisk is a very employee-centric organization where an employee's welfare and well-being is at the core of the company's values.

"When it comes to their employee's time and again, Novo Nordisk has always proved that family comes first and is very empathetic towards their employees. They respect and support their employee through tough times, and I'm really proud to say that I work with Novo Nordisk."- Preeti Hatti, Senior Analyst - Rewards & Mobility, Novo Nordisk.

Novo Nordisk has collaborated with various medical bodies as well as the government initiative to conduct patient education programs on symptoms and treatment of diseases like diabetes and haemophilia.

"Being a sportsman, fitness and healthy living is something that I'm very close too. So, when Novo Nordisk approached me for the cause of diabetes and to increase awareness, especially through their social causes, I felt this was something I could partner with and I have had a wonderful run for the last 3 years," says Anil Kumble, Former Indian Cricketer & Brand Ambassador of Novo Nordisk.

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