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Nokia’s Smartpur Project Paves Way For An Atmanirbhar Bharat

Nokia's Smartpur project is paving the way toward making villages progressive and self-reliant. It aims at creating a digitally inclusive village ecosystem.

Nokia is always using technology as a catalyst for social change. As a telecommunications technology leader, Nokia is committed to provide the benefits of broadband connectivity to empower communities and prepare India for a digital future.

To drive India to a fully digital world, the company has undertaken Project Smartpur to create a digitally integrated village ecosystem for an inclusive socio-economic growth. Smartpur is a model conceptualized in a manner that redefines the existing idea of smart villages, by not only deploying digital infrastructure but also integrating the infrastructure into their daily lives. The community members can leverage digital tools to bring efficiency in daily lives, transparency in governance, economic prosperity for households and ease of access to various government services and information. It operates under the five key areas of development – health, education, livelihood, governance and finance – to build a holistic, digitally integrated village.

Through the Smartpur project, Nokia aims to bring the benefits of broadband connectivity to 500 villages across rural India.  The Smartpur project is a significant step in a direction that truly makes a village smart and fosters a digitally inclusive society. Nokia's Smartpur project is paving the way toward making these villages progressive and self-reliant.

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