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Nokia Aims At Making India A Global Hub For Enduring Telecommunication Solutions

Nokia is paving the way to a self-reliant India through their state-of-art facility in Chennai that is India's first Industry 4.0 enabled factory.

Nokia has been a pioneer for growth & innovation in the Indian telecom industry. Nokia's Chennai plant is one of the most extensive telecom equipment manufacturing plants within the country & recently reached its 4 million units annual production milestone. It serves both domestic as well as global customer, shipping to over 100 countries. Established in 2008, Nokia’s state-of-the-art Chennai facility manufactures a complete gamut of network equipment & is the first Indian factory to start manufacturing 5G New Radio production. Spread over 14,000sqkms, the factory has the best-in-class infrastructure & is also known as India's first industry 4.0 enabled factory.

Industry 4.0 relies on low-latency, high-reliability networks, and capabilities in robotics and artificial intelligence to drive new levels of automation and data exchange in manufacturing industries, resulting in improved operational efficiency and reduced costs. Communications technology advancements with 5G provide lower latency and better network reliability to connect manufacturing equipment and time-critical applications to transform factory operations. Driven by innovation, Nokia aims at designing intelligent, efficient & cost-effective factories for the future. These movable & compact factories promote remotization, increased flexibility & enhanced productivity. Thus, making India a global hub for enduring telecommunication solutions.

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