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Brand Vision-the Master Stroke By NexBrands, Celebrating Impactful Brands

NexBrands presents to you the stories of Indian brands that have a come a long way and are now taking the world by storm. 

Brand Vision-The Master Stroke is an initiative by NexBrands to celebrate brands that have a global impact and have been working towards a better world. NexBrands presents to you the stories of Indian brands that have a come a long way and are now taking the world by storm. The best solution for a good night’s sleep 

The motto of is to become the first thing that comes to a consumer’s mind, when they think of sleep. At a time and age, when the corporate lifestyle is taking up most part of an individual’s day, sleep becomes more essential. creates innovative sleep products that helps one in getting better sleep. Initially, it was a start-up that sold good quality mattresses at an affordable price.  

 The company believes in developing a relationship with the consumer to gain their trust. Most of the products are improved and developed keeping the customer feedback in mind. Wakefit aims to provide the best solutions for every time a person needs rest, be it during travel, while sleeping or while working in the office. 

Concept Medical – Technology driving the medical sector to new heights 

Concept Medical is solely focused on bringing out the best in the medical sector. It is a brand that has been working for making people’s lives better with the help of advanced technology. Concept Medicals has been developing new products and have also patented them. Among the most popular innovations by the brand, Magic Touch becomes one of the most crucial products.  

After most heart surgeries, a drug eluting stent is placed into the diseased peripheral or arteries to slowly release a drug that helps in blocking cell proliferation. Magic Touch is a catheter that enters like the stent, releases the medicine and then reverts. Magic Touch has a success rate of around 80%. The people at Concept Medical are toiling the midnight soil to achieve new goals in the field of medicine.  

Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute –Normalizing lives of specially-abled 

A child born with problems like cerebral palsy or autism, is considered to be an abnormal child, who goes to a different school designed for the special-abled. Breaking the norms of this discrimination, Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute has been changing the lives of a million kids who are suffering from nervous diseases. Proper care and a variety of therapies help in making a difference in the life of these children.  

Cerebral Palsy is a condition where the individual’s motor skills, muscle tone and posture are badly affected. There are many cases, where the child is completely dependent on another person for basic movements like walking or talking. According to the director of Neurogen, stem cell therapy has enabled these children to take their first step and then move forward to becoming heroes in life.  

ARTIST – Making a difference by imparting skills  

ARTIST or the Asian Research and Training Institute for Skill Transfer is a group of individuals who have been making a significant difference in the medical sector by imparting skill training to medical practitioners. ARTIST has been providing skill-based training at the Diwakar Speciality Hospital, that stands as one of the most premium centers for women. 

ARTIST’s aim is to improve the capabilities and competencies of every Obstetrics and Gynecologists in the country through world class training. Their aim is to train at least a million healthcare providers so that every girl and woman in the country can avail proper medical care.  

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