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I For India: Millennials Bring About Positive Change In Communities

Tata Trusts' I for India captures the stories of a few millennial who have changed perceptions and driven change in rural India:

Millennials have been taking the world by storm as they work towards creating a positive change in communities across the world. The millennials, today, are dedicated to making a difference. They are striving hard in every sector and transforming societies. The youth, with a better understanding of issues are trying to make their voices heard.

Period Fellows 

Started with a simple concern about the lack in awareness about menstruation in rural India, Period Fellows, today have reached over 135 villages in Rajasthan. In many parts of the country, the menarche or first period is celebrated in many parts of the country. However, menstruation still comes with a sense of shame for women.  

Period Fellows work towards overcoming this sense of shame and defy age-old beliefs.  They have conducted awareness sessions with more than 23,000 women. The stigmas related to menstruation, which include myths about impurities leading to the restriction of women in farms or in certain parts of the household. The Period Fellows not only make the villagers aware of the do’s and don’ts during menstruation, they also take an initiative to make them aware of the right hygiene products that are to be used.  

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Swachh Bharat Preraks 

Open defecation has been a long-standing issue in many parts of rural India. The poor sanitation has led to numerous deaths. The Indian government started the Swachh Bharat mission in the year 2014. One of the major focuses of the mission was to ensure that India becomes an open defecation free country.  

Swachh Bharat Preraks have collaborated with the government and have started initiatives to educate people about the need for proper sanitations and the hazards related to open defecation. Other than being the cause of death, the waste most often contaminates the water bodies in the area making it unfit for consumption or use. The Preraks have come up with sustainable counters to the sanitation problem in the concerned areas.  

Swasth Bharat Preraks 

The Swasth Bharat Prerak is a collaborative initiative taken up by Tata Trusts and the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Malnutrition in India continues to be a risk factor for children below the age of 5 years. To do away with the ills of malnutrition, Swasth Bharat Preraks are spreading awareness about the same in all parts of Uttar Pradesh.  

They take festivals or community programs as a catalyst to gather women and educate them about the need and importance of adopting to a nutritional lifestyle. The Preraks also conduct nutritional sessions in schools. They educate people about simple practices like washing hands. At present, there are almost 360 people working across India as Swasth Bharat Preraks.  

TAD Fellow 

The Transformation of Aspirational District programme covers almost 7 lakhs individuals from more than 4000 villages and 10000 institutions across 85 districts of India. These individuals are working across sectors like education, health, agriculture and many more to improve the living conditions of the population.  

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Watch to know more about the positive impact created by the millennials of India.  

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