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Kumar Vishwas' Security Upgraded To Y-category Amid Row Over Allegations Against Kejriwal

Kumar Vishwas' security on Saturday was upgraded to Y-category with CRPF cover by the Union Home Ministry amid a heated political tussle with Arvind Kejriwal.

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Former Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and poet Kumar Vishwas' security on Saturday was upgraded to Y-category with CRPF cover by the Union Home Ministry amid a heated political tussle with Arvind Kejriwal after accusing the latter of harbouring pro-Khalistani sentiments. This comes after the Home Ministry was in the process of reviewing the security of the former AAP leader. It is important to note that this controversy erupted right ahead of the Punjab Assembly elections which will be held on Sunday, February 20. 

In a related episode, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday had replied to Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi's letter on Aam Aadmi Party's alleged relation with separatist groups like Sikh For Justice, stating that he has taken serious cognizance of the matter. Amit Shah had further said that he is personally looking into it. 

On Friday, after AAP supremo and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had responded to allegations put forth by Kumar Vishwas, terming them as 'laughable' and 'comedy', the latter lambasted the AAP chief, challenging him to openly reveal his stand on Khalistan, further noting that he will be exposed if not.

'What is your stand on Khalistan?': Kumar Vishwas to Kejriwal

"I challenge him to say 'I am against Khalistan and I won't let Khalistan to form till my last drop of blood'. Why can't he say this? Now that I have exposed his real intentions, he is acting foul. Enough playing the victim card. I am asking him once again to openly come out on his stance on Khalistan, and clarify if pro-Khalistan people come to your residence or not? and if he doesn't, I will tell everyone," Vishwas told ANI. 

Earlier on Friday, the Delhi CM had responded to the serious allegations levelled by Vishwas, questioning as to why no one had arrested him till date if the allegations were true. He also responded to the 'terror' allegations on him by BJP and Congress, stating that all the political factions are conspiring against him. 

Kejriwal said, "They are saying that I want to divide India and become PM. This is comedy and a joke. For 10 years when I was CM, neither Congress nor BJP govt took any action against me. What were their security agencies doing? Why didn't they arrest me? I am perhaps the sweetest terrorist who is giving free education, electricity, healthcare."

"Rahul Gandhi was the first to put that allegation; next day, PM Modi voiced the same allegations. Then Priyanka Gandhi talks about it. No one takes Rahul Gandhi seriously. But look at it, who thought PM Modi will become Rahul Gandhi one day? My offices and home have been raids - they got nothing.  They should be grateful to that poet who has 'caught' such a big terrorist," the Delhi CM added. 

'Kejriwal wanted to be Khalistan PM': Kumar Vishwas

On February 16, while speaking to ANI, Kumar Vishwas had claimed that he had tried to convince Kejriwal against taking the help of fringe elements, separatists and people associated with the Khalistan movement in the 2017 Punjab election, but the AAP supremo told him that he will become the first PM of an independent nation. 

The acclaimed poet had alleged, "He said such horrible things which everyone in Punjab knows. One day, he told me to not worry, that he will become the CM of an independent state. When I told him that Referendum 2020 is happening for which funding is coming from ISI and other separatist groups (are also being funded), he told me- so what, I will become the first PM of an independent nation". However, AAP accused him of defaming Kejriwal through a "forged and fabricated" video and contended that his false insinuations can create a situation of unrest. 

However, the Aam Aadmi Party had rubbished all the claims made by Vishwas. Taking to Twitter, party spokesperson Raghav Chadha accused Vishwas of using a 'forged and fabricated' video with the intent of 'defaming and deriding' Kejriwal. After this, Vishwas threatened to expose more secrets and said, "I have no connection with politics. What I have said was correct. You (Kejriwal) have lost your path, learn or people will teach you and show you your place. I will not respond to all these small-small people, bring your leader. Don't fight with me or I will expose more and tell everything. I have no political motive or agenda. If I say more then you will get into trouble". 

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