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'Inventive India' Explores The Massive Rise Of India's 'dynamic IT Sector'

The latest episode of Inventive India, explores new emerging trends of India's IT sector and its contribution towards shaping the Indian economy.

IT sector

India’s IT sector is growing exponentially and disruptive technologies such as cloud computing, AI, Robotics, and data analytics are offering new avenues of growth across verticals. This push towards scaling new technologies has boosted global investments in India.

Home-grown companies are focusing on investing internationally to expand their global footprint and enhance their global delivery centers. With its low-cost advantage, India has turned into a preferred global destination for IT. The country’s rapidly growing urban infrastructure has fostered multiple IT centers in the country and the sector market is projected to reach US$ 100 billion by 2025.

According to a survey, the IT sector accounted for 8% of India's GDP in 2020. As of financial year 2020, the IT industry employed approximately 4.3 million people. 

Darwin Group of Companies presented 'Inventive India' as a unique campaign that delves deep into understanding the different sectors that help shape a nation.

In the latest episode, the dynamics of the Indian IT sector were explored. The episode had an esteemed guest panel that consisted of notable personalities like Raja R Choudhary - Group CEO of Darwin Platform Group of Companies, Manish Singhal - Founding Partner of Pi Ventures, Sharat Chandra - Blockchain Expert. Each panelist shared their insight & views on how the IT sector has been shaping the Indian economy. 

"Since the government lifted the lockdown, there has been a rise in hiring within the IT sector. For example, places like Bangalore witnessed a 31% increase in hiring, followed by Hyderabad with a 28% increase in hiring during the post lockdown phase."

This has been an excellent time for the IT sector to manifest itself," said Raja R Choudhary, Group CEO, Darwin Platform Group of Companies.

With digital transformation driven by government policy support, corporate investment and a growing skilled workforce, the Indian IT sector is all set to bloom. The IT sector has truly helped India transform into a knowledge-based economy. It has also put India on the global map and could continue to shape a promising future.

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