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Inventive India Analyses Aspects Of The Evolving Infrastructure Industry

In this episode of Inventive India, we do a SWOT analysis of the country’s infrastructure industry – one of the most vital industries for its future growth.

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India’s infrastructure industry has become one of the most prioritized industries by the government, with 13% of India’s FDI inflows going towards growing it and a foreseen goal of it fueling a $5 trillion economy. The progress that the industry has already experienced is overwhelming, with 30-35% of 7000 projects already completed, resulting in better connectivity throughout the country and improved healthcare and education facilities amongst countless other advancements.

Inventive India is an initiative presented by Darwin Group of Companies, which looks at different influential sectors of the nation in depth. This episode of Inventive India features infrastructure experts Mr. Sudhendu J. Sinha, Advisor Infrastructure Connectivity- Transport & Electric Mobility, Niti Aayog, Mr. PR Jaishankar, MD, India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL) Projects Limited and Dr. Gaurav Singh, Vice Chairman Infrastructure, Darwin Platform Group of Companies. They talk through which aspects of the industry are thriving, where there is still work to be done, its potential for growth, and the threats it faces. The episode highlights how crucial developing infrastructure is to the country’s overall growth, including its implications on welfare industries and it summarizes various projects and endeavors the government has initiated, like the Gati Shakti Master Plan, which will aid its growth further.

“The infrastructure sector has become the biggest focus area of the government of India and it’s planning to invest $1.4 trillion in infrastructure during 2019 to 2013 to have stable development for the country” says Dr. Gaurav Singh, Vice Chairman Infrastructure, Darwin Platform Group of Companies.

The experts talk us through the importance of PPP (private-public partnership) in the industry’s growth, a model being promoted by government investments. They also pinpoint the underlying reasons for the delays the industry is constantly challenged by, including the difficulty to acquire land and oversights in vital initial stages of infrastructure planning. Discussing issues like the shortcomings of the infrastructure of the country, the abundance of talent which requires cohesive systems where it can thrive and India’s path to self-sufficiency, the panel portrays an optimistic and positive future ahead for the industry.

Through moving testimonies of Rajasthan farmers whose lives have been transformed thanks to dams giving them steadier access to water, overviews of how India’s cities, towns, and villages are more connected than ever, and updates on the progress of infrastructure goals like moving India’s automobile industry towards becoming electric, this episode of Inventive India highlights the opportunities the infrastructure industry brings about for significant improvements in people’s quality of life and the country’s overall growth.

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