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Architect & Interior Designer Meena Murthy Kakkar Lauds Hindware Touch-free Bath Products

Architect and interior designer Meena Murthy Kakkar shares her views on how Hindware's touchless technology offers customers safety, convenience & hygiene.

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Meena Murthy Kakkar is the Design Head at Envisage, an Interior and Architecture firm specializing in Design and Build projects. With 19 years of design experience, Meena Murthy Kakkar has paved a glorious path for a practice embedded with robust design principles and provides comprehensive solutions for all requirements. Her philosophy is that through designs, one can give a unique experience to its users.

Designers keep in mind: customer habits, latest trends, comfortability, hygiene, and affordability. In this new normal, she has noticed that most people have started giving importance to their bathrooms and bath products, and the new bathroom solutions by Hindware will be everyone's choice. She believes Thoughtful is Beautiful because Hindware has focused on hygiene, convenience, and affordability. As an interior designer, she recommends Hindware's new touch-free bath product.

Hindware is a brand that has been at the forefront of innovation & offers customers best-in-class designs. As a brand, Hindware constantly strives to achieve a confluence of understanding between technology and aesthetics in the Indian market to create bathroom products to leave one truly rejuvenated. From eco-friendly faucets that save up to 52% water to touchless bath products, Hindware's products are designed to look beautiful and function thoughtfully. The company recently launched its touchless range of bath products. To experience Hindware's magical touchless tech, visit,

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