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India’s Finest Workplaces Season 2 | Co-operation & Leadership: Schwabe's Core Philosophy

India’s Finest Workplaces Season 2 presents to you the organizations that one yearns to work for:

Republic TV joins hands with GM Online Media for the second season of India’s Finest Workplaces, a series that showcases the work environments of organizations from across the country and lauds the practices that have been adopted to improve the work culture in the firms.  

The first episode of the second season of India’s Finest Workplaces features the pioneers of homeopathic medicines in India. Dr. Willmar Schwabe India has been one of the most important players in the Indian market of medicines and other health products. Schwabe India believes in the notion that companies are not only built on ideas but also on people. Ashish Kumar, Managing Director of Schwabe India talks to the host, Ritika Jhanji Jagtiani, about the principles and objectives of the organization. 

The arrival of Schwabe India dates to 1897 and the first plant was established in 1997 on the borders of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Today, the pharmaceutical industry in India is growing at a considerable pace. Schwabe is mostly the talk of the town for its consumer experience. However, the organization believes that satisfied employees lead to satisfied consumers. Hence, they promote the process of a global dialogue, which gives the employees and the employers an opportunity to understand each other through listening, sharing and questioning. The process includes the fundamentals and principles on which the global corporations work. Schwabe, on a global scale, promotes the concept of cooperation and leadership. The principle includes leadership coaches, who talk about the personal growth of employees for professional success within and beyond the organization. There is training provided to employees so that they can meet international standards and be at par with the constant evolution of the company. The corporation keeps promoting and facilitating the career growth of the employees, mostly through internal promotions. This helps in motivating the employees and also gives way to a sense of ownership in them towards the company. Schwabe is known to be a family-oriented organization, which celebrates festivals together. There are quarterly rewards and recognition programs to give the idea of home away from home. The entire staff and management also ensure that charity work is undertaken together.  

When you get associated with a company, culture plays a very important role. I always believe that you can take of our culture by taking up small things like we have a open door policy where people are free to interact with the management. - Priyanka Thakur, Manager HR, Schwabe India

The Schwabe group focuses on quality, efficaciousness and providing natural products. Every new employee is given proper training with individual mentors who help in honing their skills and reviewing the progress. There are also international training workshops. The organization believes that the bottoms up mode of organizational communication works best as it enables high productivity.  

We normally take the bottom up approach. Usually when there is a top down approach, there is resistance in implementation. It is not easy. Bottom Up approach makes it easy to implement because the ideas are owned by them. If implementation is good, the productivity is also high. Which is good for all of us. That is how we take care of the people who work with us... Sitting in a closed room, we do not strategize for the entire organization. - Dharmender Gautam, Manager Marketing, Schwabe India

Watch to know more about India’s most popular homeopathy medicine manufacturer.  

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