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‘India’s Finest Workplaces’ Is Back!

GM Online and Republic TV bring to you the second season of 'India's Finest Workplaces'. Catch the episodes live only on Republic TV

Republic TV joins hands with GM Online Media for the second season of India’s Finest Workplaces. Today, an individual looks for more than monetary gain or financial growth at his/her workplace. One looks for an environment where they can strive to work hard and achieve personal growth as well. As the demographics of the working-class' age group leans towards the youth and the millennials, their perception of the working spaces also changes. India’s Finest Workplaces is a series that showcases the work environments of organizations from across the country and lauds the practices that have been adopted to improve the work culture in the firm. The campaign also interacts with stakeholders, employees from the featured companies. With the series, the campaign aims to reach out to the young individuals in the country, who aspire to work for organizations that understand and push their talents towards growth. The appreciation of a great work culture also becomes a critical factor as the firms spend a significant amount of assets in hiring the best professionals for them and promoting an equity-based work culture.  

The first episode of the second season of India’s Finest Workplaces features the pioneers of homeopathic medicines in India. Dr. Willmar Schwabe India has been one of the most important players in the Indian market of medicines and other health products. The German doctor developed methods and brought revolutionary changes in the field of medicine. Even today, his formulations are the most trusted by the homeopaths in the country as they continue to use them with a profound belief in the quality of medicines. With the growth and demand of Schwabe medicines, a manufacturing facility has been built right in the heart of the country. The manufacturing plant was established in Noida, in the borders of the National Capital Region and Uttar Pradesh, in 1997. Schwabe Group employs the best individuals from the country and provides them with a high-grade training that accommodates the traditional and the technological upgradations that occur over the years. The Schwabe Group understands that the amalgamation of the old and new is necessary for the consumers and the people within the organization.  

Catch the second season of India’s Finest Workplaces this weekend only on Republic TV.  


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