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Indian Railways Issues Advisory: Here Are Items You Cannot Carry Home This Festive Season

As Diwali festivities begin, Indian Railways is expecting a major rush. Read on to know more about some new rules and regulations implemented by Railways.

Indian Railways

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As Diwali festivities begin, people’s excitement to go back to their hometowns is gleaming in their eyes. This year, people would be celebrating the festival extravagantly after a hiatus of two years as travel restrictions due to COVID-19 are no roadblock anymore. Indians staying away from home for work or studies are likely to travel to their hometowns to celebrate with their families. 

Keeping in mind the expected increase in travellers during this period, the Indian Railways has put out an advisory to ensure the safety of its passengers. The guidelines involve a list of prohibited items passengers cannot have on board.

Here are items you can't carry home this Diwali

Read on to know about some new rules and regulations implemented by Indian Railways.

As per the advisory, passengers are not allowed to carry any inflammable items on trains. A list of prohibited items has also been issued by Railways. People who fail to adhere to these restrictions are likely to pay a hefty fine or it could even lead to imprisonment. 

As per the advisory, passengers are not allowed to carry these things on trains: 

  • Any inflammable items like petrol, diesel, firecrackers, etc.
  • Stove, Gas, Oven
  • No cigarettes in the compartment or anywhere on the train

Meanwhile, West Central Railways recently tweeted regarding new rules and regulations implemented by Indian Railways. Carrying firecrackers, petrol, diesel, or any other inflammable items can put the lives of passengers at risk and will hence be prohibited. Moreover, there is also a ban on carrying gas stoves, and ovens on the train. Carrying any of the aforementioned goods is a punishable offence. 

If passengers are found travelling in a train with inflammable items like firecrackers, stoves, gas and petrol, then a fine of Rs 1,000 can be imposed on them. Passengers can also be booked under Sections 164 and 165 of the Railway Act 1989 for three years. 


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