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Immune India: India Focuses On Immunity To Battle Against COVID-19

Immune India: A panel of experts talk about the benefits of the traditional methods to building immunity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Dabur Immune India is an initiative by Dabur Ashwagandha in association with Republic to highlight the importance of immunity in maintaining a good health. The entire world is battling a deadly pandemic and as of now, there are no proper vaccines that can help the global population overcome the situation. With nowhere else to go, every individual is required to focus on maintaining a good immunity – that helps the human body to resist any disease. Citizens across India are adapting to simple changes in their diets and routines to ensure physical fitness. This special episode of Immune India will be talking about the steps and precautions that can be taken and the benefits of Ayurveda in building a stronger immunity      .

Ayurveda – the science of life or age, is one of the oldest disciplines of healing sciences. Ayurveda heavily depends on the medicines and cures that are found within the nature. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also talked about the benefits of Ayurveda on many occasions. He also repeatedly elucidates on the effects of the traditional ways to being healthy.

This special episode of Immune India is an effort to bring together a group of experts who discuss the secrets to a better and healthy lifestyle. Moderated by Suyesha Savant (Anchor and Special Correspondent),  the eminent panel consists of Arnab Goswami (Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief, Republic Media Network), Minoo Pakhey (Senior General Manager, Marketing, Dabur India Ltd.), Gaurav Sharma (Head, Healthcare Research, Dabur India Ltd), Mickey Mehta (Global Leading Holistic Health Guru and Corporate Life Coach), Anjali Mukherjee (Nutritionist and Founder-Director, Health Total), Ranveer Brar (Chef), Gupteshwar Pandey (DGP, Bihar) and Dr. Palash Sen (Actor, Singer, Doctor and Advocate of Ayurveda). The discussion was also joined by actor Neha Dhupia.

“Understanding the importance of Ayurveda, Dabur has launched a number of products are based on Ayurvedic texts and have similar elements like Tulsi drop or Dabur Ashwagandha and also a number of juices to meet consumer demands. What we have done – make Ayurveda available to everyone in a modern and easy to use format.” – Minoo Pakhey, Senior General Manager, Marketing, Dabur India Limited.

“Four things that majorly impact our immunity are genetics, age, diet and lifestyle. You do have a full control over your diet and lifestyle. Diet and lifestyle have a great impact on our lives. The things that one can do are consume adequate amounts of vegetables, and also have juices like Amla (gooseberry) juice, which is a highly recommended in Ayurveda as well” – Anjali Mukherjee, Nutritionist

Ayurveda is called the ‘science of life’ and the ‘mother of all healing’. The reason for it being called the mother of all healing is its ability to create a balance not only between the body and mind, but also the soul. Ayurveda has always propagated the idea of holistic wellness and goes a long way in being a preventive care. In recent age, as fitness has become a priority and is also working as an aspiration to many, Ayurveda paves a way to be successful in the course with its natural methods that ensures zero side effects. This medical science, that ages more than 3000 years, is becoming a lifestyle choice for many and might become the new normal for wellness.

Watch the episode for more detailed insights on the benefits of Ayurveda and the secret to a healthy lifestyle.

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