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'House Of Knowledge' Highlights Demand Of Business Analytics Post Digital Transformation

In collaboration with the Amrita School of Business, panellists discussed the relevance of data analytics in modern day business.

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Data analytics is a field within business which is gaining traction, largely as a result of the digital transformation that all industries are currently undergoing. Universities, B-Schools, in particular, are adapting to this increasing demand within the business world. In this episode of House of Knowledge, in collaboration with Amrita School of Business, panellists discussed the relevance of business analytics, how students can determine whether it is the right field for them, and all other aspects surrounding the field of study. Additionally, how universities are excelling when it comes to the needs of the industry and providing students with options to allow them to play to their strengths were discussed, using the Bengaluru campus of Amrita School of Business as a great example. This episode featured a very special guest panel, comprising Dipanjan Sarkar, Lead Data Scientist, SIT Academy; Aditya Agarwal, AI Practice Head, Chubb; Dr. Manoj P, Associate Dean, Amrita School of Business, Bengaluru, and Sachin Varriar, Alumni, Amrita School of Business, and Data Scientist, Vauld.

The panel answered questions such as how data analytics assist in decision making, helping cut costs, providing market insights and helping predict future patterns. Subsequently, Mr. Varriar and Dr. Manoj both provide views with a deep understanding of what the Amrita School of Business offers students regarding expanding their business analytical skillset. They highlighted how the MBA dual-degree programme in collaboration with the University at Buffalo gives students a competitive edge as it provides them both with general business acumen and the more technical skills surrounding data analysis. The episode also makes it evident that data analysis isn’t a career path that is restricted to only students who are more mathematically inclined; instead, it provides a wide range of possibilities and niches that students can choose depending on their strong suits.

"The course at Amrita School of Business gives you a business understanding, but we have a twin programme with the University at Buffalo where we have expert faculty who come in and help us understand the fundamentals of system engineering and IT, which is where the journey of data starts. Then you have business analytical courses, where we build on the descriptive, inferential, and fundamental statistics skills. Finally, we move to the more predictive and prescriptive side of things. The whole course covers everything from understanding data to building models and putting those into production."

- Sachin Varriar, Alumni, Amrita School of Business

Overall, the episode highlights how data analytics at the Amrita School of Business helps nurture students’ entrepreneurial spirit by teaching them how data can help understand the evolution of a company as well as their own story, which better equips them to use that data to predict and architect viable solutions.

Image: Republic World

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