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'Shaping The Future Of India' Highlights Challenges & Career Streams For CSE Graduates

In collaboration with the Amrita School of Engineering, panelists discussed the relevance of computer science & challenges faced by CSE graduates.

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Computer Science is a field within engineering that is gaining traction these days. In this episode of 'Shaping the Future of India', in collaboration with Amrita School of Business, India, panellists discussed the relevance of Computer Science, career options that students will have after completing the course, and all other aspects surrounding the field of study. This episode featured a very special guest panel, comprising Dr. GopalaKrishnan, an Associate professor from Amrita University, an allumini of Amrita University and a data scientist and Dr Rajan Gupta, VP - Research & Analytics, Analyttica Datalab, and Joy Mustafi - Founder and President - MUST Research.

 The panel answered questions such as the scope of pursuing computer science course. The guests shared their deep understanding of what the Amrita School of Engineering offers students regarding expanding their analytical skillset. They highlighted the scope of the interdisciplinary study. They shared that interdisciplinary study involves two or more academic disciplines in one activity. 

Engineer is primarily responsible for providing technological solutions or troubleshoots the existing ones. The Associate Professor said, "If you take the products that we are using currently like a mobile phone or car. The car we are using today is extremely different from what we used two-three decades ago. The current car is not something that has been made from mechanical knowledge only. It is something like a computer on wheels. Car manufacturing now consists of mechanical and computer engineering." The associate professor further said, "All the products now require an interdisciplinary approach in the factory. All streams require computing and computer science graduates need to be exposed to various domains"

The alumni in the episode said that computer science is becoming interdisciplinary. She also talked about challenges faced by CSE graduates in the corporate world. Another guest talked about the five career streams for a CSE graduate. The streams are software development, hardware development, cloud services, security management, and data science (AI, Machine learning.)

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