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Experts Debate How BeatO App Has Been Revolutionising Diabetes Management In India

In a country where diabetes is more prevalent than in the rest of the world, experts discuss how the BeatO App helps people stay healthy

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The scale and impact of diabetes have risen exponentially in the last few years, however, people still find the prospect of a diagnosis as daunting as ever, as it entails significant lifestyle changes and threatens the overall well-being drastically. India ranks second in the global diabetes tally, with an estimate of 77 million diagnoses. An assortment of the Indian diet, genetics, and overall lifestyle makes Indians more prone to the illness, and while diabetes no longer ought to be as deadly and intimidating as it used to be, the fact that 80% of diabetics in this country have uncontrolled sugar levels is a reason of major concern. Republic Media Network has partnered with the BeatO App to bring you this very special nutrition episode of India Beats Diabetes. Featuring various experts, the episode explores what aspects of the Indian lifestyle cause diabetes to be such a common diagnosis in this country and, more importantly, what measures people need to take to beat the odds and manage their symptoms. Additionally, the episode showcases how the BeatO app is a prime example of why diabetes no longer needs to be an intimidating diagnosis. Although it requires care and attention, the right tools make it so that minor, realistic lifestyle changes can get symptoms and glucose levels under control. Having received the National Start-Up Award for Health and Wellness in 2021, the BeatO App has assessed the healthcare landscape in India, found its flaws and addressed them. Leveraging technology, targeting rural areas, prioritizing affordability and a holistic, personalized approach, BeatO is a pivotal example of how the diabetes pandemic in this nation can be tackled.

 “In the next three years, BeatO will empower 1 crore Indians to live better and healthier lives, and in the process, be able to drastically reduce the economic burden of healthcare on our society.”

-       Gautam Chopra, CEO & Co-Founder, BeatO

The episode covers an array of topics, all through the eyes of experts and people with first-hand experience with diabetes. Exploring the reasons behind the recent surge in diabetes diagnoses, experts talk about how crucial it is to unlearn old food habits that have been ingrained in us since childhood, such as the need to eat carbs with every meal. As we’ve become less physically active and food has become more accessible, there is a pressing need to reevaluate what healthy eating entails. With nutrition being the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, apart from having coaches and nutritionists on the app for support and meal plans, BeatO has launched BeatO Food Lab, an initiative with MasterChef finalist, Mirvaan Vinayak, where he teaches viewers how to make simple, healthy, and delicious recipes so that they can enjoy India’s rich food culture without compromising their health. Chef Mirvaan discusses his exposure to diabetes, explaining how his father's diagnosis was a pivotal moment in his life that fueled his passion for making healthy, delicious food.

First-hand testimonials are also featured in the episode by Ritesh Jain and Vikas Puri, both of whom didn’t place a large amount of value on their health before their diabetes diagnosis. They both recall having the realization that significant changes were necessary for them to have a sustainable lifestyle.

“In spite of the fact that the best treatments are available in the country, around 80% of people with type-2 diabetes don’t control their symptoms. The reasons behind that could include a lack of awareness about the disease or a lack of affordability and accessibility. However, with the help of a structured diabetes program, you can control your blood glucose levels, reduce your HbA1c, manage your weight, reduce medication and insulin dependency, and, most importantly, you can prevent future complications.”

-       Dr. Navneet Agrawal, Diabetologist, Head of BeatO Care Program

The Structured Diabetes Care Program was a major factor in getting their symptoms under control and their health back on track. Devika Chopra, Director of Branding and Communication at BeatO, discusses the benefits of such programs, highlighting that their comprehensive and personalized approach gives people with diabetes a realistic series of habits to adopt in order to reverse their symptoms as much as possible and, in general, live healthier.

"BeatO’s doctors and coaches work with the members to make nutrition and lifestyle choices that help them control and reverse their diabetes. This ultimately helps them reduce the risk of any future complications and live a happier and healthier life. "


—Devika Chopra, Director of Branding and Communication, BeatO

With countless other testimonials and facts, this episode gives a well-rounded understanding of the issue of diabetes in India supported by first-hand experience and scientific expertise. While illustrating how the BeatO App has revolutionized healthcare in India, the episode emphasizes how personalized and comprehensive care is the answer to managing and controlling diabetes.

“There were millions of Indians in all sorts of cities across the country who needed a meaningful, affordable, and accessible solution to address this problem of chronic conditions. Diabetes is something we can address in a meaningful manner for a very large part of this country, & today at BeatO we are very excited about the fact that 70% of our user base is outside tier 1 cities. We are solving this problem for Bharat and that’s the root of what we need to achieve.”

-       Yash Sehgal, COO and Co-Founder, BeatO

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