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Ex-Advocate General Of Punjab Atul Nanda Lauds DC Designs' Innovative Designs

Atul Nanda, Former Advocate General of Punjab lauds Dlip Chhabria & DC Designs on the transformation of his Mercedes V class into an 'office on wheels'


Economies today are drastically changing, triggered by a rise in new emerging markets, the accelerated development of new technologies, sustainability policies, and changing consumer preferences around ownership. Digitization, increasing mechanization, and new business models have revolutionized the automobile industry in India. When it comes to the automobile industry, Dilip Chhabria is a renowned name and the founder of one of the boldest custom design houses in the country - DC 2 Design. 

'DC 2- What Drives You' is a unique campaign that showcases the brand D.C.'s immense devotion towards the art of car making & magnificent car designs to provide the best-in-class luxury & the transparent philosophy of D.C. Design. Atul Nanda, Former Advocate General of Punjab, shares his experience with DC2 Designs. Mr. Nanda lauds DC 2 Designs & Dilip Chhabria for their exceptional service & fabulous design.  

"I told Mr. Chhabria, suppose I had a car which looked like my office so that I could cater to work while traveling & avoid loss of time. Oh My God! That was my first reaction because he converted my Mercedes V class into an office where I had access to a T.V. screen & internet connectivity that enabled me to connect to conferences, calls, etc. When I compared D.C. to other international vendors, I found D.C.'s service much better."  says Atul Nanda, Former Advocate General, Punjab

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