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Diabetes Care Coach Explains Her Passion For The Cause

Sujata Sharma Biswas, Diabetes Care Coach, BeatO, explains the approach she takes when helping her patients make lifestyle changes to manage their diabetes.

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From the small town of Rudrapur in Uttarakhand, Sujata Sharma Biswas narrates the fact that she always had a passion for healthcare services, since she understood the positive implications it could directly have on people's lives. Her drive to care for people and help them improve their health is what introduced her to a diabetologist in Delhi, through whom she learnt that diabetes can be reversed if people have the awareness and the right tools. After that, Sujata knew she wanted to help people suffering from diabetes experience positive changes in their health and lifestyle, which is when she started working for BeatO.

The BeatO App is a tool made for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases to help them manage their symptoms through blood-sugar level tracking, nutritional plans, and real-time advice. This made it the perfect fit for what she was looking for.

Sujata’s passion for the cause is evident, particularly illustrated through her acknowledgement of the fact that every patient is a unique case, and their personal situation needs to be considered when providing them with a plan to manage their diagnosis. Sujata’s determination to help people live healthier lives is a symbol of her character, and countless people have been able to manage their diabetes thanks to her approach.


About BeatO:

BeatO is a digital app-based platform that provides clinically proven, comprehensive diabetes care programmes to help prevent, control, and even reverse the condition under the guidance of experts. The results of these programmes have been published by top medical institutions such as the American Diabetes Association, APCON, and AATD. This diabetes care ecosystem includes BeatO's innovative and cost-effective smartphone and connected glucometers that work in unison with the BeatO app to support end-to-end management for members.

This smart health management system is powered by AI, providing personalised insights and real-time data-driven care via its experienced team of diabetes care coaches, expert nutritionists, and specialist doctors. The BeatO app ecosystem also provides a complete solution for all the daily needs of a person, ranging from scheduling medication deliveries and lab tests to purchasing affordable insurance and specially curated foods and beverages.


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