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Delhi Student's Sustainable Technology Saves 110 Million Litres Of Water

Krishna Aggarwal, a student from D.P.S in R.K. Puram shares tips on how we as citizens can take small steps towards effective water conservation & management.

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With several rivers dwindling and the groundwater resources nearly exhausted, our country is on the brink of a severe crisis. Almost 330 million people are affected due to lack of water supply & several others grapple with extreme drought-like conditions. Those living in metropolitan cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad face a 'Day Zero' scenario with most water resources either polluted or dried up. Climate change is another factor that has pushed India's weather towards extremes, causing severe disruptions in the quantity and frequency of rainfall. The government, along with several water conservationists & NGOs, has constantly been working toward reversing the water scenario in the country. 

Sustainable technology saves 110 million litres of water

Children are our nation's future & they act as a catalyst in bringing about change. As an acute water crisis looms over Noida, children are acting as an effective human resource in revolutionizing the process of water management by convincing other stakeholders. Krishna Aggarwal is a class 12th student from Delhi Public School in R.K.Puram, who created mass awareness over the need for a sustainable water management system. By reducing the water flow or adjusting the valve underneath the washbasin, he and his schoolmates have managed to save 110 million litres of water. 

" 110 million liters of water saved by one school? Yes, it is possible. Here is the mathematics for it, 9500 students x 4 family members x 8 (average number of times a person washes their hands in a day) x 30 days of the month x 12 months a year  = 11 crore or 110 million liters of water saved." says, Krishna Aggarwal, Student, Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram.

Save water for a better tomorrow

As India inches closer to a zero water day scenario, it is imperative that we as citizens take small steps toward conserving & protecting our water resources. Join the Har Ek Boond campaign & pledge to become a water hero by logging on to or give a missed call to 1800120778877.  Let's save water as every drop counts. 

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