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'DC 2 - What Drives You' Showcases DC Designs' Innovative Ideas & Undying Determination

'DC 2- What Drives You' showcase DC's innovative ideas, relentless determination &designer Dilip Chhabria's undying passion for car designing.


The Automobile industry in India is an incredible amalgamation of technology and innovation. With digitization rising across the world, the Indian automobile industry has witnessed a significant transformation. Since 2019, India has been the 4th largest automobile manufacturing country. The automobile sector is moving towards the surge in demand for newer technologies every year. To meet those demands, industrialists and researchers have been developing the latest manufacturing technologies that provide the end-users with the best and most innovative technology. 

'DC 2-What Drives You' is a unique campaign that showcases DC's tremendous devotion towards the art of car making & elegant car designs that provide the best-in-class luxury to customers. The campaign also depicts the relentless determination of car designer Dilip Chhabria. 

DC 2 is an automotive design company established by renowned car designer Dilip Chhabria. It is one of the largest independent automotive design organizations globally, spawning over 800 ground-up and 5000 standard projects in the last 26 years. DC 2 is known for its skill sets, credibility, workforce & customer base. Dilip Chhabria's maverick vision & determination enables him to create iconic products for customers globally. 

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