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Dabur Immune India Aims At Spreading Awareness & Strengthening India's Immunity

In the campaign's finale episode, experts delve deep into how individuals can strengthen their immunity & imbibe the ayurvedic philosophy of holistic wellness.


India has been reeling under the intensity of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with the availability of vaccines, people are filled with questions & concerns like 'once vaccinated, how long does it take for immunity to kick in & how long does this last.' Every individual ought to focus on maintaining a good immunity that helps the human body resist any disease. Citizens across the country are adapting to simple changes in their diets and routines to ensure physical fitness & boost immunity. The immune system plays an indispensable role in our response to infectious diseases. The immune system is the body's multi-level defense network against potentially harmful bacteria, viruses, and other organisms. 

Ayurveda – the science of life, is an ancient discipline of healing sciences. Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit words 'Ayur,' meaning life, and 'Veda,' meaning science or knowledge. Hence loosely translated Ayurveda can be referred to as the science of life. It emphasizes building the strength of mind and body to cope with various stressors, including infection. The Ayurveda concept of immunity is classified as natural, chronobiologic, and acquired. In the season finale of Dabur Chyawanprash presents Immune India, we delve deep into the benefits of Ayurveda & alternatives to strengthen one's immune system. 

This special episode brought together an eminent panel of distinguished experts who decoded the secrets to a healthier and holistic lifestyle. Moderated by Achor Ritika Jhanji Jagtiani, the guest panel for the show consisted of Dr. Arun Gupta, Medical Pharmacologist, Dabur India; Dr. Ramakant Panda, Vice Chairman & MD, Asian Hear Institute; Sanjay Dev, Media Advisor, Ministry of Ayush; Manjari Chandra, Nutritionist & Dietician, and Dr. Suresh V. Rang, Chest Physician, Lilavati & Jaslok Hospital.   

"The 'Dabur Immune India' initiative was started last year in the wake of the pandemic when there was no availability of vaccines & chaos all around. Dabur India taught of launching an Immunity Awareness campaign to spread awareness on building immunity through mainstream media & digital media. The campaign revolved around the importance of a healthy immune system & the significant relevance of Ayurveda in building immunity. Through this campaign, we were able to spread awareness of the philosophy of Ayurveda scientifically & help people focus on building their immunity." says Dr. Arun Gupta, Medical Pharmacologist, Dabur India

Strengthening one's immune system cannot be a one-time event & needs to be imbibed as a lifelong practice.  Ayurveda has always propagated holistic wellness and goes a long way in preventive care. As fitness has become a priority in recent age and is also an aspiration to many, Ayurveda paves a way to succeed in the course with its natural methods that ensure zero side effects. This 3000-year-old medical science is becoming a lifestyle choice for many and might become the new normal for holistic wellness.

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