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CenturyPly's Firewall Technology Helps Slow Spread Of Fire, Reduce Toxic Smoke

CenturyPly's Firewall Technology's fire retardant properties like low flammability, low spreadability & low smoke generation help combat fires & save lives.


Fires have been a blessing & a curse to humankind throughout history. In India alone, on average more than 11000 fires take place in a year, destroying lives & damaging properties throughout the country. Fire poses a severe threat to both life and property, pushing many families into the abyss of emotional, physical, and economic devastation. Most often overlooked, fire safety is one of the most crucial aspects of construction. To prevent tragedies, CenturyPly recently launched plywood with its revolutionary Firewall Technology. Here's how CenturyPly's innovative Firewall Technology can combat the spread of fires:


Low Flammability: Flammability is the amount of time it takes for plywood to catch fire and starts a sequence of ignitions in the surroundings. After undergoing several tests, it's confirmed that it takes approximately 35 minutes for flames to spread on the surface of Firewall plywood, which is much lower than regular plywood, concluding that CenturyPly's Firewall Technology has effective fire-retardant capabilities.


Slows Fire spread: The rapid spread of flames is one of the most common reasons to worsen a fire-related accident. To slow down the spread of fires, CenturyPly's Firewall Technology is designed to take roughly around 50 minutes for flames to penetrate a sheet of plywood, providing enough time for rescue operations to begin and evacuation efforts to occur.


Lower Smoke Generation: During a fire, several toxic gases & smoke are generated that are harmful to humans. Hence, CenturyPly plywood made with Firewall Technology uses fire-retardant chemicals that produce less smoke than regular plywood.


From waterproof plywood to its recent Firewall technology CenturyPly has always been committed to offering their customer the best-in-class. As India moves forward toward a more self-reliant future, companies like CenturyPly, with their constant research & innovation, are paving the pathway for India to become an Atmanirbhar superpower.

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