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Celebrating Excellence At The Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards

It's always nice to celebrate excellence – Geeta Chandran at the Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards

“The key is not the will to win… everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.”

- Bobby Knight

Beam Suntory and Republic Media Network have joined hands for celebrating the achievers, who despite all odds have today, made a mark in their own fields. The Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards recognizes the Indian dream and lauds the individuals who have been able to make these dreams come true. These are individuals, who have taken the road less walked on to show the world that risks are a part of life and risk-taking is an extraordinary way of life.

Neeraj Kumar (Managing Director, India, Beam Suntory) traces through the journey of the Teacher’s Awards, that for more than a decade, has been a legacy that acknowledges and validates the determined efforts of the individuals who make their dreams come true. The Teacher’s Awards, for more than a decade has been honoring the spirits that don’t bow down to adversities. The awards celebrate brilliance, determination and authenticity.

“The thistle is a symbol of valor, courage and passion. It’s a flower from Scotland. Today, more than the victory and the glory, it's about the stories. Stories of achievers amongst us. Story of the jury who have come together to pick and choose the finest in India. Stories of individuals who have exemplified brilliance in their field.” - Neeraj Kumar, Managing Director, Beam Suntory

“Genuine talent always exists; you just have to have the eye to spot it and willingness to recognize it. I think both these things are important.” - Ayaz Memon, Indian Sportswriter

Watch to know more about the Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards – a celebration of achievers.

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