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Apollo Future Of Health Conclave – Building India’s Roadmap For The Future Of Health

Apollo Future of Health Conclave brought together pioneers from the sectors of media and medicine to deliberate on the future of healthcare in the country:

Administration plays a very important role in ensuring that every individual in the country avails the best of facilities. As Indian medical industry marches forward towards becoming the medical technology hub of the world, making proper medical care accessible to all becomes an important step. The Apollo Future of Health conclave hosted many panels to discuss the shortcomings and future goals of the medical industry. 

Dr. Harsh Vardhan is a not just a doctor by profession but has also been a pioneer in eradicating polio from India, with his ‘Pulse Polio’ program. Today, he is the incumbent Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Ministry of Science and Technology (India) and Ministry of Earth Sciences.  

“If as a country, India can eradicate smallpox and polio, India can eradicate every other problem. The government of India aims to eradicate tuberculosis by the year 2025. The government has been providing proper treatment to the tuberculosis patients.” - Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. 

The future of any industry, today, is relative to technological advancements. Even in the medical sector, the evolutions have been helping in saving millions of lives every year.  The first panel consisting of Geeta Manjunath, CEO and co-founder, Niramai Health Analytix; Dr. Sai Sathish, Senior Interventional Cardiologist, Apollo Hospitals; Dr. Rakesh Jalali, Medical Director, Head of Radiation Oncology, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre talked about the revolution that cutting-edge technology is bringing into the medical sector.  

“I think we are already in the future right now. At Apollo, I think we have one of the three robots that are installed in India, that help me in angioplasty. As much sci-fi as it sounds, at the hospital, when I am doing angioplasty, I am doing it from 40 feet away from the patient.”- Dr. Sai Sathish, Senior Interventional Cardiologist, Apollo Hospitals 

In recent times, the relationship between the doctors and the public seems to be deteriorating owing to many incidents that take place in different parts of the country. There has been a significant increase in the cases of violence towards medical professionals. A panel consisting of Dr. Omkar Hota, Medical Officer, PHC (N) Populur; Dr. Priyanjali Datta, CEO, Aaroogya; Dr. K.K. Aggarwal, President, Confederation of Medical Associations of Asia and Oceania discussed measures that can help in bridging the trust deficit.  

There is a need for compassion in the society to avoid any kind of situation that might lead to violence. “You trust in me. You take care of my right; I take care of your rights.” - A doctor to the society.  

Watch this space for more enlightening sessions about the future prospects of the medical sector.  

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