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I For India: Apna Seva Kendra Making Lives Of Urban Migrants Easier

Tata Trusts' 'I for India' brings to you the story of Apna Seva Kendra, an initiative that works towards making the lives of the urban migrants better:

Many people from the rural communities in India are shifting to the cities with the hope of a basic income and a better lifestyle. However, owing to the lack of awareness, the transition comes with the fear of uncertainty in the individuals, who find it difficult to adapt and adjust in the hustling city life. Apna Seva Kendra has been making the lives of these urban migrants easier by educating them about the city life and ensuring that they are aware of all the facilities available for them. 

A large sect of the population in Bahraich and Shravasti areas of Uttar Pradesh have recently shifted to the near-by cities. These areas are prone to frequent flooding due to heavy rains, 2-3 times a year. The floods majorly affect their crops. The farmers have small areas of lands to themselves and the ruined crops lead to a major income deficit. The lack of proper industries in the area also cause a dearth in job opportunities. The people who have to shift towards urban areas due to such financial issues are called ‘distress migrants’. 

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There has been a rise in the number of distress migrants in the past few years. However, despite shifting to the cities, these migrants come across multiple difficulties due to the lack of knowledge about city life. Apna Seva Kendra helps them in realizing the opportunities that are available in the cities as well as ensure that these people do not fall prey to frauds. There are labor cards provided to every citizen at the cost of 80 rupees. These cards also act as their insurance with the sum assured of 5 lakh rupees.  

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The Apna Seva Kendra is usually run by a block coordinator and 3 volunteers, who are chosen from the local entrepreneurs. Choosing local people help in building their confidence and these people are able to help the citizens better as they are familiar with the problems in these communities. The Apna Seva Kendras provide four types of facilities – social security, financial inclusion, legal advice or guidance and identification documentation.  

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The Apna Seva Kendra initiative has managed to benefit over 5 lakh people. There are migrant resource centers in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana, Maharashtra and Odisha. The initiative is helping people from the rural communities into becoming confident and aware citizens of India.  

Watch to know more about the impact created by the Apna Seva Kendra.  

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