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Amrita University Presents ‘A Salute To My Teacher’, Pays Tribute To Unsung Heroes

Amrita University celebrates the undying dedication & constant efforts undertaken by every teacher to make learning an easy process even during the pandemic.

Teachers are people who play a pivotal role in a student's life. A teacher imparts not only academic knowledge but also shares ethical values and imbibes morality that shapes our personality as a better human being. A teacher is often a life-changing role-model who influences the growth & development of a child, especially during its primitive years.  They are the building blocks of society that educate people and make them better human beings. The dedication and commitment showed by teachers, especially during this pandemic is remarkable.

Amrita University, in association with Republic Media Network, presents 'A Salute to my Teacher' - a series that pays tribute to all teachers across the country. It also highlights the future of learning & education in a post-COVID-19 environment that is backed by the revolutionary & game-changing ‘New Education Policy 2020' introduced by the Indian government. The first episode of the series had a distinguished guest panel that consisted of intellectuals like Prof. M.S. Krishnan Kutty, Chairman of Career Competency Development at Amrita University, Mohd. Imran Khan, Teacher & App Developer, Natasha Chopra, Education Advisor. The panel discussed topics like teacher-student bond during COVID-19 times; the paradigm shift caused by the pandemic in the education sector, the revolutionary NEP 2020 that has created a wave of change.

"I would say in every human being's success, there are quite a few teachers behind. There are a number of teachers who have brought in real, true citizens for our nation. Let's celebrate that tribute to teachers across the country because whatever you are today, it's because of your teachers," says Prof. M.S. Krishnan Kutty, Chairman of Career Competency Development at Amrita University.

"There have been a lot of online programs happening over the years. But we've all been taken aback with this paradigm shift that is happened. By schools going on remote and teaching remotely does not mean that they are ready for online teaching. The content has to be adapted, which it hasn't as yet for most institutions. They may be very few. Even If you look at universities across the world, they are resorting to other online providers who've been working in this space for many, many years and have adapted to it."  says, Natasha Kapoor, Education Advisor, while addressing the current online learning scenario.

Each panelist shared their valuable insight into the future of learning & education in a post-COVID-19 society. They also emphasized the need for new laws & advanced reforms in the education sector. 

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