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Actor Feryna Wazheir Lauds Dilip Chhabria & DC2 For Their Artistic Design & Craftmanship

British Actress Feryna Wazheir shares her experience with DC2's outstanding craftmanship. She praises Dilip Chhabria's artistic designs that transformed her car

'DC 2-What Drives You' is a unique campaign that showcases DC's immense devotion towards the art of car making & luxurious car designs that provide the best-in-class to customers. The campaign also portrays the relentless determination of car designer Dilip Chhabria. British Actress Feryna Wazheir shares her experience with DC2 & Dilip Chhabria. The actress lauds Dilip Chhabria's ingenious design & DC2's excellent craftsmanship transformed her car into a compact vanity van.

"It was important to have somebody who knew what he was doing & a reputation in the industry. I have tried to modify a car before & it was a very hit & miss what came with different people who promise a lot & don't deliver. When I first saw it, I was amazed as the seats fully reclined. As artists, we tend to travel a lot & spend most of our time in the car. So, having a reclining bed is fabulous," says actor Feryna Wazheir.

DC2 design is an automobile design company founded by renowned car designer Dilip Chhabria. Over the past 26 years, it has spawned over 800 ground-up and 5000 standard projects. DC2 has a reputation for its skill sets, credibility, workforce, and customer base. Dilip Chhabria's vision and determination enable him to create elegant products for customers worldwide. 

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